Analytics by Evonik

Solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.

Characterization of solids

Our diverse portfolio means we can offer a wide array of options for analyzing your samples, using methods that include quality control, microscopic sample analysis, and determinations of characteristic physical parameters. 

You could, for instance, use x-ray powder diffractometry for qualitative and quantitative determination of phase purity and/or the presence of various crystal shapes of active pharmaceutical agents.

We can determine the following key powder characteristics for you: particle distribution (using laser diffraction or light scattering methods), specific surface area (BET method), melting point (capillary method or dynamic differential scanning calorimetry/DSC), loose and compact bulk density, and sieve analyses. 

In addition to determining these essentially classic physical parameters, we also offer more specialized methods, such as dynamic vapor sorption (DVS) for determining the amount of water absorbed and released. 

And when it comes to the details, we’ll take a more precise look using ultramodern methods in electron microscopy and spectroscopy for characterizing surfaces and shapes/structures. Our experts are ready to answer your specific questions, applying methods such as light, scanning electron (SEM), transmission electron (TEM) with a variety of sample preparation techniques as well as infrared and Raman microscopy.